Venture Group was established in 2002, registered in Hongkong, China, devoted in distributing mechanical equipments & spare parts for Steel manufacturing in China and Middle East. With our strong financial capability and experiences, we set up Venture Electronics Technology Ltd in 2004, major business in Printed Circuit Board(PCB) , with head office in Shenzhen and factory plants in Shenzhen(Guangdong Province) and Kunshan(Jiangsu Province) .


Shenzhen factory was set up in 2004, now focus on standard technology rigid multi layer boards,with prototype,small and medium production.


Kunshan factory was set up in 2007, 4 million USD investment with the most advanced equipment, focus on standard technolog rigid multi layer boards with big volume production and HDI boards.The first monthly production of 30000 square meters and multilayer HDI board.Production line width / spacing 3/3mil.Minimum finished hole diameter 6mil ( 0.15mm ), minimum finished hole aperture of 4mil ( 0.1mm ).Accuracy of layer to layer 3mil ( 0.075mm ).


With 10 years of Production experience in the PCB industry,we provide a wide range of products ranging from automobile PCBs to computer electronic parts. Moreover, we specialize in the production of high-mix low- volume products and this helps to meet the special and complicated needs of a large number of both domestic and international clients.